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Interested in a workshop or training for your organization? I specialize in trauma and related areas (such as attachment, brain development, sensory processing, etc). I currently provide workshops ranging from 1 hour to 1 day in length, for clinicians, parents, teachers, and organizations looking to be more trauma-informed in their approach. 
Some Workshops Currently Offered Include:
- Working with Trauma: Effect on the Helping Professional
- Simplifying Complex Trauma
- Dissociation Essentials
- Understanding Trauma: Where Does it Come From, What Does it Look Like, What Do I Do?
- Understanding Sensory Processing & the Use of Sensory Strategies in Therapy
- Early Brain Development
- Effects of Trauma on the Brain & Nervous System
- Toxic Stress
- Stress Management
- Attachment
Contact me for booking or for more information. 
Workshops Have Been Provided to Such Organizations As:



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